5 Effective Ways to Grow Hair Quickly

Growing your hair takes patience and perseverance. It is important that you understand that much can be done to affect the actual growth rate of hair. Whiles it is true that hair growth is genetic; the rate of growth can be improved. Hair follicles can be activated and stimulated as well.

When it comes to growing a longer mane the strength of the individual hair strands is key. Anything that helps to strengthen your hair strands rather than damage them is essential to quickly growing your hair.

Not all products or services can help you grow hair quick but they do exist so in this article I will share with you a few simple ways to grow hair quick:

1. The first step is to get a head massage. Massage your scalp regularly, this helps with growth! It helps circulate blood flow in the scalp, with promotes hair growth.

2. The second method to stimulate new growth is to get a cut. By this I mean you should have your hair trimmed about every six to eight weeks. This will keep off any dead ends and prevent your hair shaft from splitting up any further. It will also prevent any new hair follicles from splitting as well as they grow out. As a tip if you are growing your hair out tell your stylist to just dust the ends of your mane. This simply means that she should just take off a little of the ends of your mane which ensures she will not get scissor happy.

3. Do not over style your hair with heat appliances. These heating tools will only damage your hair even further and as I mentioned a damaged mane is a slow growing mane.

4. Get a deep oil treatment. A good one that acts like a deep conditioner and hair growth stimulator is Mira hair oil. This is a herbal oil that is a catalyst for hair growth. Use it 2-3 times / week. To use it, apply it to your scalp with your fingertips and work it down to the ends, of your hair.

5. If you wish to grow hair quicker when using the oil is to put your hair up in a pony tail and sleep with it whiles the oil is in it. Then in the morning, shampoo with luke warm water. You will get both the benefits of a super conditioner and great scalp and mane rejuvenator.

Growing hair is a longer process than you would like, but it’s important to take the time to grow your hair in a healthy way. Scalp massage, regular trims and avoidance of over styling are all simple ways to grow hair quick.