Baking Soda for Diet and Fat Loss

Do you know Sodium bicarbonate? Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical ingredient which often used to make breads. Usually it called baking soda and it is needed to raise the total size in cakes and pastries. But what is the relation between baking soda and weight loss? Very simple. Baking soda is highly recommended by many doctors because it works as filler. Baking soda contains acid to make the bread looks bigger. Therefore, when you eat the bread, you’ll think that you eat too much despite actually you eat normal amount of calories.

This is the psychological effect from baking soda. The fact that actually you eat a normal size of bread can surely help you take in less calorie than you actually imagine. Baking soda also creates real effect (beside psychological) because it produces bubbles which works to suppress our appetite. This theory is really true. Some have tried it themselves, use more baking soda for their daily breads, and yes, they lost weight faster than they thought earlier. Guess what? They lost their weight without any side effects.

Of course to get the best result, combine the sodium bicarbonate with apple cider vinegar. Both of them work greatly to balance your blood ph and also to handle your food craving. There are even new weight loss medicines that use baking soda or apple cider vinegar to suppress our appetite. This is the proof that baking soda can aid your dieting efforts although it usually used for different purposes.

However, not everyone would lose weight with baking soda. People with slow metabolism and bad appetite surely need better appetite suppression rather than just relying on baking soda. Sometimes diet pills can control our appetite much better than baking soda. Diet programs also will increase your chance to lose fat.