Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

There will always be an excuse to indulge in sugar! Its hot! I want a sweet refreshing drink, or its cold I would love a hot latte. Its my best friends birthday, how could I not eat cake? The list goes on and on with daily activities that could derail your progress. You dont have to let sugar control your life or your choices; you need to learn how to control those pesky little cravings.


We all know sugar by the name sugar, but there are many different names and different forms sugar comes in. It shows up in the most unexpected places, in your yogurt, in your healthy juice, even in things that arent supposed to be sweet like bread. Reading the food labels and educating yourself on the different kinds of sugar will definitely help you avoid the different types. Here are some more commonly known aliases.
Conquer Your Sugar Cravingssyrup (such as high-fructose corn syrup)
maltose (sugar made from grain)
sucrose (common table sugar; made from fructose and glucose)
dextrose (form of glucose)
agave nectar
lactose (natural sugar from milk)
fructose (natural sugar from fruits)
glucose (product of photosynthesis)


Okay we all know soda has sugar, but if that is the only drink you think you need to avoid you are wrong! Without the fiber in whole fruit, fruit juice is just sugar. This is where reading the labels will save your sugar intake. You would be surprised how much sugar those from concentrate drinks have in them, and dont get me started on lattes and coffee drinks, unless you are very specific on your order, they will add a ton of extra sugar.


Dont tease or torture yourself. Looking or just having a taste of something High in fat, high calories, and high in sugar will intensify your cravings. There are many different things you can do to satisfy a craving other than indulging or binge eating sugar. Try to snack on low calorie and low carb snacks to help your cravings return to normal. Also not starving yourself will help with the craving, when your blood sugar level spikes is when your cravings go out of control.


Even if youre not eating that sugar packed chocolate chip cookie doesnt mean youre not eating sugar. The dressing you put on your salad today was loaded with sugar, crackers, pasta are all foods that arent supposed to be sweet but still have sugar in them. Once you get to a point where you are not eating as much sugar your body will get used to the lower intake of sugar and the cravings will be much easier to control.
Brett Lechtenberg

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