Home Remedies For Fast Heartburn Relief!

Heartburn has increasingly become a chronic condition in modern society. It`s no wonder however. Today we eat greater and greater amounts of processed foods, foods that are little more then chemicals, and pure junk food then we have at any time before in history. We inhale it rather then take the time to chew and savor what we`re eating.

These things have led us to a new condition which I have coined as Misery after Meal Syndrome, (M.M.S.).

Eating a couple of large meals a day rather then several small meals has greatly aided the increase of M.M.S. Eating foods with lots of fat or dairy in them cause the body to go into overtime with an over production of stomach acid. We then take antacids to alleviate the problem not knowing that this leads to dependency. The body begins to rely on it so it is a never ending circle of heartburn, antacids and heartburn again.

Try these home remedies for heartburn relief and end Misery after Meal Syndrome today!
For good health and for heartburn relief invest in a good quality juicer or blender. Juicing and blending carrots and other vegetables and drinking them, not only will give you some great nutrition, but carrots and many other vegetables are alkaline in nature and will help give your body balance and relieve heartburn. This is one of the great home remedies for heartburn and usually works instantly.

In Ancient Chinese medicine often know today as T.C.M. or Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest recorded remedies known to man for heartburn relief is ginger tea. Anyone who has tried this knows it is truly one of the great home remedies for heartburn. Simply grate a teaspoon of ginger root and put into a cup of hot water and let steep for about ten minutes and drink. This simple home remedy has been found to be useful in relieving heartburn, arthritis flare ups and much more.

As an herbal remedy for this fast heartburn relief, try Chamomile tea. While this tea is most often used to calm nerves and help people relax, it is also useful for calming ones stomach. Drink a cup of this tea a couple of hours before bed to relieve bedtime heartburn.

Home Remedies For Fast Heartburn Relief!

As a Japanese woman I am often asked what Japanese remedies I would recommend. The two best are umeboshi and nato. Umeboshi is a salty and sour tasting pickled Japanese plum. It is useful in protecting the stomach from spoiled or bad food as well as relieving heartburn. Nato is fermented soy beans. While this food has an odor that is offensive to some it is truly a great food for health. It naturally has probiotics which can help the body digest food and absorb nutrition. You can find these at your Asian market place or at finer health food stores.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Make these home remedies your first step to a healthier you.
Kazuko Collins

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