How To Remove Stains On Teeth Instantly

If a mouth full of yellow stained teeth are spoiling your confidence, then you need to take action. Many stains on teeth can be eliminated quickly and effectively with consistent brushing and flossing. Although for stained teeth rely on the magnitude of the stain.

This is a given, but just in case no one has mentioned this before, removing stains on teeth with sharp objects will damage the enamel coating.

The Major Reasons For Stains On Teeth

There are two major factors to consider when referring to stains on teeth, one are the stains you dont have any control over and two the stains you do have control over.

1. The stains on teeth you havent any control over include an antibiotic called tetracycline, which may cause irreversible teeth staining. Also a condition called fluoresces which develops from a high fluoride concentration in drinking water, this will lead to a yellow discoloration of the teeth.

2. Basically anything that stains your teeth are usually what you enjoy, red wine, tea, coffee, and nicotine. Acidic foods, sweet foods, switching between cold and hot drinks will cause the pores on the enamel of teeth to open and close, which will trap tiny bits inside.

Eliminate Stains On Teeth

Methods and treatments appear here listed by enlarging cost and intensity.

  1. Brush and floss your teeth 2 times a day at least, or after every time you eat, this could help remove plague and tarter building up. This also cleans food particles away which may cause dragon breath also.
  2. Dental hygienist, getting your teeth cleaned with a dental hygienist will give you dramatic results.
  3. Stop smoking and drinking caffeinated drinks, stains on teeth will right away reduce.
  4. Bleaching treatments, either DIY teeth lightening or professional applied teeth lightening treatments are awfully useful in lightening teeth.
  5. Cosmetic dental surgery and techniques, celebrity smiles very popular now. Getting veneers and caps to enhance your present teeth will The difference having a beautiful set of teeth will make to your appearance is dramatic and boost your confidence instantly. your over all appearance. The treatment demands that some of the tooths coating is removed, and can be an aggressive and extremely pricey method to whiten teeth
  6. Snap on teeth are a brief solution, like the veneers but less expensive. A thin coating is just snapped on to your teeth. Masking all imperfections and stains on teeth. A great idea if you want to test out a celebrity smile, and not make the same mistake Hillary Duff.