Pregnancy Symptoms – How To Know You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms develop as soon as a woman gets pregnant. These symptoms may vary from woman to woman and also may not be the same in your consecutive pregnancies. However, these symptoms are easy to recognize even if it’s your first pregnancy. Let us discuss some common symptoms most women experience. One the other hand, also keep in mind, it’s not mandatory to get all the symptoms, so observe keenly.

Listing Some Common Pregnancy Symptoms:

Women develop tender, swollen breasts. This is due to a gush of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This may be painful if it’s your first pregnancy. The next very common pregnancy symptom is unusual fatigue and tiredness .This happens because the body works overtime to accommodate the drastic changes in it. It is also due to increased production of progesterone hormone. It’s an indication given by the body to go for more rest as the coming months are going to be very tiresome for the would be mother.

Late or missed period is a tell-tale sign that you are pregnant. But it should be confirmed with a pregnancy test as there may be other reasons for this. If pregnancy is ruled out then you must consult the doctor for absence of periods, known as amenorrhea.

Morning sickness or nausea can occur at any time of the day during pregnancy. It’s a prevalent symptom which occurs due the hormone estrogen. Nausea may be elevated by certain spicy food, dairy products, tea, coffee, even strong odor and perfumes.

Many women experience extreme mood swings. One moment you are feeling very happy and cheerful, the next moment you become depressed and burst out crying. You might even get irritated very easily. Don’t think something is wrong; it’s just another pregnancy symptom you are going through. Blame it on the high levels of hormones triggered by the body. This will settle down with time.

Spotting is another symptom which occurs when the fertilized egg is implanted inside the uterus. Also cramping, quite similar to what you experience during periods, happens. It occurs when the uterus expands and contracts to accommodate the growing embryo. Apart from these, some other symptoms are increase in the frequency of urination, headaches, lower backache, constipation, increase in basal body temperature etc. However, these symptoms are not so prevalent and will occur and disappear without being even noticed by some of the pregnant women.

You might experience some or any of the pregnancy symptoms without getting pregnant. If your pregnancy test turns out to be positive, start getting medical advice. If it turns out to be negative, in spite of some pregnancy symptoms, then it should be examined, diagnosed and treated properly as it might be indicative of some underlying problem or disease in your body.