3 Steps to Reduce Unlikely Hip Size

A great hip is what most people want to have but some get to the point where they claim that their hips are just too big a size that they would wish it to reduce it. It must be noted however that there is no such thing as a spot reduction in fat because fat reduction is relatively uniform although much of this accumulate in the mid section of the body.

Thus, the hip reduction exercises are generally incorporated in most weight management programs for women since it is typically women who tend to have wider pelvis that allows greater fat accumulation. Here are some of the steps to reduce unlikely hip size.

1. The Bullfrog – The Bull frog is known as a hip reduction exercise, it is also a strengthening exercise for the hips that works perfectly as well on the thighs but it is NOT recommended for people suffering from arthritis and other joint ailments. To start with, your position should be standing with your feet spread a hip width apart. Squat until your hips are on its lowest position and then hold it there for a second and swiftly but not too hard, leap like a frog. Make at least 8-10 repetitions of the leaping on the floor.

2. The Chair Squat – To execute the chair squat, just stand on both feet at hip width apart in front of a chair. Then keep your torso straight and your abs tight and then bend slowly to your knees until you are almost seated on the chair but without spreading. Hold your knees behind your toes and stretch your arms forward to achieve balance. Then hold it in that position for around 2-3 seconds and then slowly stand. Make at least 2-3 sets of at least 14-15 repetitions for every set.

3. The Side Lunge Slide – This routine practically works on your glutes as well and you can execute the routine in a smooth floor. Just stand on both feet spread a hip width apart and with one foot on a paper plate and simply slide that foot which is on the paper plate sidewise and then keep your torso and your abs in upright position while you bend the other knee. Then hold it there a while as you slide back the foot to the original position. Then do the same on the other foot and make a cycle of 8-10 for every foot.

These are three of the practical and effective exercises to reduce your hips to your desired hip size.