HealthMix Home Remedies For Suntan, Sunburn And Sun Poisoning

Applying aloe vera juice or gel as it helps in soothing the skin to reduce pain, redness and itchiness

You can also apply calamine lotion

You can apply vinegar or apple cider vinegar on you skin which acts as a great remedy for sunburn

Keep wet towels around the affected area for 10-15 minutes several times a day to soothe the sunburn

Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap to prevent any other kind of an infection

A cool milk compress is one of the best remedies for sunburn. Dab your skin with cool whole milk for 20 minutes and the rinse it off with cool water.

You can apply cod liver oil for sunburns

Make a mixture of grated cucumber with milk and apply it on the sunburned skin

Remove juice from grated potatoes to be applied on the sunburned skin. This provides good relief for sunburns

Mix one egg white with one tsp honey and hazel. Apply this on the bruised area and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Later wash it with luke warm water.

Including treatments for sunburns vinegar, milk, potato juice and cucumber juice can do wonders to remove your suntan.

Add 20 drops lavender and chamomile essential oil for a cool and soothing bath

In four ounces of water put 20 drops of calendula tincture which bids the pain goodbye.

You can make a cool compress of baking soda, Epsom salt or witch hazel to provide relief to your burns.

Rub bruised onions on sun burn to provide the ample relief

Applying peppermint oil on the sunburned skin also helps in cooling the sunburn

Pour sugarless cool mint tea on the burnt area. The tannins in the tea help in the healing process

You can spread cucumber slices on the burn as it would provides you the needed relief

You can soak yourself in oatmeal in tepid bath water for few minutes and then dry yourself

To help the healing process apply the area with oil and cover it with ginger this would help in the much needed quick recovery

A warm shower may sound weird but it sure works at this time as it increases the blood circulation

Add 20 drops of urtica urens tincture in four ounces of water and bathe the bruised area. This would provide relief from the itchy and prickly skin sensation.

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