3 Naturally Easy Steps To Stop Hair Loss

Once we finally accept the fact that we are losing hair then we are looking for a solution to at least stop it from happening so much. We also have busy lives where we are making a living so we don’t have time for a whole type of treatment plan where we have to see a specialist weekly.

We want something that doesn’t interfere with our lives yet at the same time we don’t want to spend a lot of money too. Does that sound like you? Well there are some steps that I will outline shortly that won’t interfere with a thing in your life that could possibly just halt that hair loss.

It’s not a cure because doctors are still working on that remedy. But at least experimenting with these suggestions could just stop the balding process right now.

This is nothing expensive to implement. In fact 2 out of the 3 have to do with eating the right type foods that you do anyways. No hair transplants or doctors visits that is time consuming and wallet draining.

I’m talking about being aware of what you will eat on a daily basis in order to replenish the vitamins that your body is expecting in order to combat hair loss.

Tip 1. Vitamins

Okay I don’t know of anyone that eats the right foods every single day of their lives. Maybe machines can but I don’t believe that people do. That’s why vitamins are so important in taking up the slack on the nutrients that our body needs for hair growth.

The battle against hair loss can be an ardurous journey into the unknown. But going at it with the right equipment a.k.a vitamins can be one of your greatest allies. Biotin, Green Tea, Saw Palmetto and other effect DHT properties that block hair loss should be part of your arsenal.

Instead of concentrating on one pill that concentrates on any one nutrient consider the multi vitamin that has a little of everything that you need.

Tip 2. Apples

Yes the apple is to the rescue of our hair. A natural source of vitamins that is a great stimulus for the hair follicles that it needs in order for growth can be contained in apples. But mind you these apples should be green because they contain these nutrients in plentiful supply.

Tip 3. Massage yourself.

Receiving a massage is always a good thing to have. This is especially a good routine when you give your head the stimulation it needs to go to the root of the problem. Your hair follicles need to be stimulated and a self massage could be just what the doctor ordered if you do this on a regular basis.

These tips are just suggestions because there is a lot more options available for the people that are experiencing hair loss.