Healthy Vegan Lifestyle – Vegan Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The power of knowledge

You decide to go vegan and feel filled with enthusiasm and zeal. You can not wait to spread the knowledge you have learned with your friends and family. You want to show everybody how conscious you are of your choices. Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble and tell you that people will not be so keen to listen to your experience. Be prepared for rejection and a lot of arguments like: “Cars pollute more…”, “You must eat meat if you want protein…”, “Veganism is a cult, and you are helping to spread it.” Expect to find yourself alone against a wall of opposition. However, the most important thing you can do is do not despair and give in to the constant criticism. Educate yourself and read as much as possible about the health benefits, ethics and impact on the environment veganism has. So, next time someone challenges your lifestyle, you can confront them with facts, and who knows, maybe you will be able to plant a little seed of consciousness in people’s heads.

Eating your hunger away

How can you avoid this classic mistake?

When you decide to start eating Vegan, there is a tendency to maintain the same eating habits by removing “forbidden” food and not eating enough, which leads to feeling unsatiated. A simple solution is to eat until you feel full and eat varied products.

Learn how to forgive yourself

When you open your eyes to the injustice of the animal industry and its impacts on the environment, you can expect to be outraged and angry. On the one hand you will wonder why you were ignorant of this fact and on the other hand, you will continuously struggle to face other people and their opinions. Our advice is to be kind to yourself and others. Everybody walks their unique path at a certain pace. It takes time an effort to see a change in the world around you. Instead of having an outburst, put your money where your mouth is: get involved with associations, organize a vegan meal, start writing a blog, participate in various activities in your community to raise awareness. By setting an example rather than being aggressive, you can be confident that more people are going to be inspired by your message and spurred into action.


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