How To Lose Face Fat

Here is a fact that you should take note of. What do you look at first when you meet somebody? You look at their face first right? For example you meet up with old friends, colleagues, your neighbor or new friends, most of the time you will focus your attention on their faces first….


How to Prevent and Treat Acne Scars

Acne sufferers face more than one concern. There is of course the constant nuisance of the acne itself. There is also the anxiety caused by the acne scars and lesions which will render the skin an aesthetic disaster. The reason for this is that most people believe that acne is a temporary situation whereas you are stuck with acne scars for the rest of your life….


Tips for Choosing the Best Collagen

Collagen makes up around 75% of the skin and is responsible for a healthy youthful look. It is a natural protein which gives structure, firmness and support to our bodies; not just the skin. It is the primary connective tissue of our bodies making up about 25% of muscle tissue. Collagen plumps the skin and prevents wrinkling. Collagen forms much of our cartilage in our joints and muscles. It has been called the glue that holds our bodies together….


How to Remove Your Acne Blackheads Fast!

The best way to remove blackheads fast from your skin is to take your skin care seriously from the beginning to avoid such breakouts. If left untreated, the blackheads on your skin will soon turn into acne scars, and some can be as severe as ice pick scars, small depressions on the skin where collagen is depleted….