Oily Skin – Face Pack for Oily Skin

Mix 2 teaspoon of Fullers earth with 2 teaspoon of chilled rose water to a thick paste. Apply on the face with a brush, avoiding the delicate areas around the eyes. Leave it on for about 20 minutes or till completely dry. Rinse with warm water. The results is a pinkish youthful skin.

For oily skin, use cabbage , cucumber, lemon, pear, strawberry or tomato.


· ½ grapefruit

· ½ lemon juice

· ½ cored apple

· 1-2 egg whites

· 30 to 40 seedless grapes

Take the ingredients together in a blender and mix. Apply evenly on face and neck and leave for twenty minutes. Thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water.

Neem Pack Take a spoonful of neem powder, milk, rose petal powder, yoghurt and apply over face and neck. Wash or clean skin with cold water or rose water after 15 to 20 minutes and pat dry. Neem possesses excellent medicinal properties and is most ideal for skin blemishes, acne and other skin problems.

Take egg white and apply to your face, after it dries wash your face with basin flour. This face pack is good for oily skin only ( note:- do not apply this face pack around your eyes).

Peel apple skin and grate and squeeze juice from apple and add same quantity of lime juice and apply to your face. This is good for oily skin.

Summer fruit cocktail. Blend a cube each of fresh ripe papaya, pineapple, cucumber and strawberry with a little egg white* (optional) or besan (chickpea flour). The fruits contain alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes that help peel off dull, dead skin and reveal a clearer complexion.

Mash six strawberries with a teaspoon of Brandy, two spoons of breadcrumbs, two spoons of fuller’s earth and a few drops of rose water. Mix well and apply a thick layer on the face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes. Since strawberries have Vitamin C and a certain acidic properties they leave the skin sparkling clean. Breadcrumbs help to exfoliate dead skin while fuller’s earth will tighten the pores and brandy would help to add some glow.

Potato face pack:


· One teaspoon of potato juice.

· One teaspoon of multani mitti.

Blend both the ingredients together and apply on the face. Leave it until it dries. Then wash with lukewarm water. Finally, rinse with cold water

Take 1 tablespoon of fullers earth or multani mitti and 1 teaspoon rose water Soak the mud for a while with very little water. When it is moist and pliable add rose water and mix. Apply on the face for 15-20 minutes. Let it dry and gently wash.

Fuller’s Earth mask

Take two teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) and add four to five spoons of rose water to make a paste. This is commonly known as a ‘mud pack’, and is used to cleanse and tone the skin while soaking up excess oil from the face. You can also add a vitamin E capsule (gel) to the pack if desired.