The Great Principles of Good Nutrition – Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Adults

Eating well is essential for staying healthy and aging well. In this sheet you will discover the main principles of nutrition, basic nutritional needs, how our body assimilates food, the benefits of a good diet, how to eat well in practice, how a Consultation with a nutritionist and finally, how to practice in this field.

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The vast majority of food specialists, whether or not they are in the official environment, agree on a number of principles that can be used as guides:

A balanced diet: it is advisable to choose your food in different food groups: vegetables and fruit (half of the plate), cereal products (one quarter of the plate), meats and substitutes (the other quarter), which will add a calcium intake, for example by consuming dairy products. So your meal will contain: a good dose of carbohydrates, enough protein and little lipid.

A varied diet: to reach the necessary nutrient range and avoid deficiencies, it is not only necessary to consume daily food from each food group, but several foods in each group.

Fresh and good quality food: fresh and local food is recommended. Refined products and hydrogenated fats should be avoided.

Eating in a reasonable amount: overweight promotes the onset of many diseases, and greatly reduces life expectancy. A mildly underheated (but nutrient-deficient) diet maintained over the long term could help prevent certain cancers and increase longevity. In addition, this allows to limit oxidation and prevent clogging. An example of adjustment: systematically reduce the portions of high-calorie foods (e.g., pasta and rice) to a quarter or a third, and replace them with a nutritious, low-calorie food, such as a vegetable.

A tasty diet: in the first place, it is the flavor that determines our food choices. If so many people abandon a diet, it is that they do not give them pleasure. However, the high salt, sugar and fat content of processed foods seems to be increasingly appreciated and would even become the norm among young people. To counteract the attraction of these “sur-savorisés” dishes, you have to offer yourself the healthy foods that are particularly appreciated and prepare them in a tasty way-with the help, in particular, of herbs of which many are a good source of elements Nutritious…

Eating in full consciousness: by taking your time and savoring every bite, food in full consciousness is an effective technique to learn to rediscover the flavors of food, while reducing the proportions of absorbed foods During a meal.

Adopt Chrono-Nutrition: Chrono-nutrition is to feed in a certain way according to the different times of the day. For example, it is advisable to eat fat in the morning, dense at midday and light in the evening. In the long term, this technique allows to regain its weight of form and improve its state of health.

Managing your meals: for optimal nutritional intake and to avoid weight gain, it is essential to organize yourself. In fact, unbalanced meals are often due to improvisation, which is why it is advisable to plan the evening before the breakfast and every morning what will be the meals of the day.

Attention to cooking: to keep all the benefits of food, it is best to cook at low temperatures below 100 °c because the high temperature distorts the properties of the food. It is necessary to limit the grilles, which contain many free radicals. The microwave is also to be avoided as it distorts the chemical form of the food.4