HealthMix Info Presents: 6 Expert Tips For Effective Weight Loss

1. Run regularly

At the beginning, run three times a week and then increase the frequency to four or five times a week. The basic principle: the more you train, the more results you will get. “But always stay tuned to your body! If you feel you need a break, don’t ignore the signals that it sends you “stresses our expert in running. You may otherwise suffer from overwork-related injuries.

2. Integrate Muscle strengthening

Unfortunately, the simple fact of running is not going to make you lose weight: The more the percentage of muscles in your body is important, the higher the basic metabolism will be. It is therefore advisable to carry out in addition to the race, at least one weight training per week, whether by lifting weights or with exercises to the weight of the body that you can find in the application results.

3. Vary your workout

“At the beginning, a beginner will get good results with short and easy races. But the body will quickly adapt to this new workload and constitute reserves to be able to cope with it, which means that it will no longer burn as much fat as at first. “In order to avoid this situation, you must diversify your workout so as not to allow your body time to get used to any routine,” explains Sascha. It will be forced to react according to new stresses which will improve your performance and boost your metabolism. “Diversity is the key to success: Integrate interval races, sprints, fartleks and muscle building into your workout program.” A basic rule: never perform the same workout twice in a row!

4. Increase the intensity

“A full throttle engine needs a lot of fuel!” The same process takes place during a high intensity workout: To perform interval training your body will consume large amounts of energy. While it is true that the percentage of fat burned is higher in a long slow-paced race, the total daily energy expenditure (number of calories burned) is less important due to the low intensity of the training. In the case of high intensity training, such as intervals, it is the opposite. In addition, post-workout combustion is also much higher after a high intensity workout, which will allow you to continue to burn calories during the recovery phase. But be warned: “High intensity workouts are very important to your body, so I suggest you limit them to one per week.”

5. Take breaks

Your body needs time to be able to adapt to all these new workloads. So give yourself at least one day of rest per week and make sure you get enough sleep: the quality of your sleep greatly influences all the body’s metabolic processes. Getting into a new lifestyle with a new diet is a really challenging journey to experience where you need to be patient if you achieve the wanted results. It’s practically the same as starting an online casino adventure where you try out different online casino games and discover casino bonuses you haven’t received yet.

6. Post-workout Combustion, feeding and recovery

If you want to burn fat while running, you need to make sure you burn more calories than you consume from your diet (thus having a negative energy balance at the end of the day). The main thing is to practice regular physical activity and to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Only the combination of these two elements will allow you to lose weight over the long term and avoid the yo-yo effect.

Athletes often consume large amounts of carbohydrates to fill the glycogen reserves of their muscles. “In general, this is important to allow your body to achieve sporting performance.” But too much carbohydrate can also interfere with weight loss. If you want to reduce your fat reserves, avoid consuming or drinking sugar-containing products before your workout. Your body will have to regenerate once your race session is over and so it will need energy to be able to recover its normal state. It will then continue to burn calories even at rest. This is called post-workout combustion, which is particularly important after a high intensity session such as interval training or intensive bodybuilding.

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